Cat grooming


Fluffidolls grooming is a friendly cat grooming service based in north Swindon, we guarantee that each cat is handled on a 1-1 basis with its happiness and health at heart.

Book in for your free initial consultation or one of our affordable packages. 

  • Express comb of the coat
  • Dry Shampoo 
  • Cuddle
  • Claw Trim (if needed)

Dry Groom Short Hair £25

  • Dry Shampoo 
  • Thorough comb through of the coat to remove loose hair
  • Ears, eyes and nose cleaned
  • Claws Trimmed 

Dry Groom Long hair £30

  • Dry Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Thorough comb through of the coat to remove loose hair, knots and tangles. 
  • Ears, Eyes and nose cleaned
  • Claws Trimmed

Sanitary Clip & Groom £45

  • Dry Grooming Treatment 
  • Sanitary clip (Bums, Bloomers + Tail) using clippers/scissors depending on requirements
  • Claw Trimmed 

Belly Clip & Groom £45

  • Dry Grooming treatment 
  • Belly clip using clippers 
  • Claws trimmed 

• 4 Paws Claw trimming

Flea Groom PAckage £65

  • Flea Bath with natural flea shampoo
  • Flea comb of the entire coat 
  • BlowDry 
  • Eyes, ears, and nose cleaned
  • Claws Trimmed
  • Flea treatment applied

Super deshed GroOm Package £60

  • Shed control Shampoo & Condioner 
  • Blowdry
  • Super Deshed and thinning of the coat
  • Eyes, ears and nose cleaned
  • Claws Trimmed
  • Style & Finish 

Express Sphynx GroOm £20

  • Face, Eyes and Nose Clean 
  • Ears Cleaned 
  • Claws Trimmed

Full SpHynX Groom £35

  • Bath using hypoallergenic body wash
  • BlowDry
  • Facial Wash
  • Black head treatment 
  • Ears & Eyes cleaned
  • Claws cleaned & Trimmed

Full Groom - Long Hair £45

  • Bath
  • BlowDry
  • Thorough comb through of the coat to remove loose hair, knots and tangles
  • Ears, Eyes and Nose cleaned
  • Claws trimmed
  • Style & finish

Full groom - short hair £40

  • Bath
  • BlowDry
  • Thorough comb through of the coat to remove loose hair, knots and tangles 
  • Ears, Eyes and nose cleaned 
  • Claw trimmed
  • Style & Finish

the benefits of

Cat GRooming

Long coated or shorted coated the benefits are the same!

  • Removal of oils, dirt and debris
  • Removal of matts and knots
    • Which is these are left unattended they can become tight against the skin causing soreness rips or tears leaving an open wound which can become infected this is very painful for the cat.
  • Helps with shedding old coat, under coat and dead skin cells
    • Less fur means, less fur balls, less fur on you and around your home…so everyone benefits.
  • Skin conditions, fleas, ticks, cuts, lumps and abnormalities may be noticed while grooming.
  • Stimulation of the blood flow and secretion of the natural sebaceous oil throughout the skin and fur giving a lovely look and much healthier skin and coat.
  • Ears, eyes and nose will be cleaned, claws clipped if necessary.


Grooming is therapeutic, helping to relax the cat and getting it used to being handled and building a trust loving relationship between the cat and the groomer.


All full grooms include removal of matts and knots, thorough comb of the coat, bath and blowdry, claw clipping, cleaning of ears, eyes and nose.

You can book your groom online! Choose from a ready made package or book a free initial consultation. 

We do not allow owners to wait with their cats (unless agreed before booking the appointment) as the cats can become more stressed with their owner present. We find the cats are calmer, more relaxed and more handle-able away from their owners

If you have a long haired cat or a flat faced breed such a Persian we would recommend having a groom done as early as possible. Whilst this will be a very gentle procedure (and not charged as a full groom) it is a great way to getting them used to be handled and we can show you correct ways of keeping on top of their coats.

Took my Mainecoon, Simba, to Stephanie. He's only 4 but has had nearly all his teeth removed so he dribbles a lot, suffers from acne on his chin and generally gets quite a dirty face. His self grooming suffers also because of this, so he has a tendency to look quite scruffy. He was such a good boy while being groomed which to me shows someone who really knows their cats and how to keep them relaxed as I know he's an anxious lad when not at home. He came out with a sparkling clean face, a chin completely clear of acne and overall looking incredibly tidy. I'm extremely pleased and I will be happy to trust my professional cat grooming needs to Stephanie in future for any of my cats. Thank you so much 😊